So this is the New Year/And I don’t feel any different.

Hello! My it’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m never going to be a proper ‘blogger’ who updates regularly, but not writing anything since August is pretty poor. Time just sort of happens doesn’t it? Anyway, I thought I would make an effort to write something today. I haven’t really made any New Years Resolutions (I never keep them). I’d love to say this will be the year I finally write my novel (my magnificent octopus), but I’m a bit time-poor for that. I guess making a bit more of an effort to at least write a blog semi-occasionally is a step in the right direction.

2017 should hopefully be an exciting year for us. I don’t want to tempt fate, as it’s still not all the way through yet, but we’re in the process of buying a new house and are hoping to move early this year. Whilst I haven’t made any specific resolutions, I do have some goals for the year. Yes, I know we’re already a week into the year, but when was I ever not late to the party? (I’ll tell you when actually: EVERY PARTY EVER when I was a teenager and lived at home if I got a lift from my parents, as my Dad was genetically incapabale of understanding the concept of being late to something. ‘It says it starts at 8, why would you want to get there at quarter past? We’ll leave with a good 10 minute safety net incase of a pile up or zombie attack on the way there.’ I was always the first to arrive like some kind of sad little lemon.)

Where was I? Ah yes. Goals for the year:

1. Run more

There’s obviously a lot of health and fitness stuff out there at the moment, and yes I do want to get fitter, but honestly, just because running makes me feel good when I do it No time for all this morality about food and fitness. Are you happy? OK. If it’s not for you that’s FINE. I’m not that good at running, I’m not looking to do a marathon, I just like to take a bit of time, when I can and go and have a run. My awesome work, P3 Charity are doing ‘Jumpstart January’ for anyone who wants to try and get running, and it’s got me back into it again which is great. I was only out for 20 minutes or so this morning, but it’s set me off on a nice start to the day.

2. Less takeaway coffees

Not less coffee in general. That would be CRAZY. I’m guilty of often buying coffee in a disposable cup thus wasting money, and contributing to landfill. I’m going to try and take my own cup out with me more often.

3. Read more

I used to read around 50 books a year pre-child. Which now I write it down doesn’t sound that impressive, but I was working full time and studying part time. Last year I think I read 12. I’m never going to have the time to sit and read for hours on end anymore, but I spend way too much time of an evening messing about on my phone not really looking at anything in particular. I get into bed and do the same again. I’m going to try and swap that time for reading a few pages of my book.

4. Be engaged. Resist.

This is the most important one. If you know anything about me at all, you’ll know how upset I was by Brexit, and by Trump’s win in America. We’ve done a lot of lamenting 2016, and it was good to see the back of what was a personally and politically difficult year for me at times. But this is the year the consequences of those decisions begin to unfold. If you’re appalled by the platform on which Brexit was won, on which Trump ended up in the White House, then don’t give in. If we allow them to say the things they say unchalleged, it becomes legitimate. Foreigners aren’t ruining our countries. Refugees aren’t cockroaches. Women are not pussies to be grabbed. It’s easy to feel powerless, but I plan to be braver and challenge people more.

So there you go. Into 2017 we go. My bright, cheeky ball of energy turned 2 just three days into the New Year. It’s his world I’m watching unfold right now, and that makes me want to do whatever I can to make it better than it is now.

Happy New Year y’all.