Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. You look lovely today.

I’m Sarah, and I am a 30 something first time mum to a little pickle called Jonathan; Wife to grumpy Mancunian Robert; Human Slave to fuzzy tummied Tabby Cat Gwynnie.

Jonathan quite early on decided sleep wasn’t really his thing, and my brain has steadily leaked out of my yawning mouth since.

Along with being in charge of a tiny person who looks a bit like me all day, I also work part time for a social inclusion charity, and am a Labour and Co-operative councillor for the Central Milton Keynes ward on Milton Keynes Council. I hadn’t planned to go back to work after my maternity leave, but found that when it came time to make the decision I had missed my job a lot. I now work 2 days a week, and Jonathan is in nursery on those days. It has its ups and downs but overall it is a balance that works nicely for us.

I used to have hobbies and things I was good at but these days my interests are mainly wine, sleeping, and caffeine. They usually occur in that order. Except the middle one. That doesn’t happen so much.

If this blog is going to be anything like a reflection of me it will probably be a mixture of sleep deprived farcical happenings, complaining about why my husband thinks the shoe rack is a place to put his shoes next to instead of on, excited gibbering about TV shows, political ranting, and the odd book review (Not as many as I would like. Babies and reading are unmixy things).

Because I am hip & relevant and not stuck in my own youth, the blog name is a throwback to Mumm-Ra; because I am a Mum, I like to complain and go ‘argh’, and because what self-respecting person doesn’t love a Thundercats reference?


If you are interested in babyspam, gratuitous posy selfies with a flattering filter, and the odd food pic you can find me on Instagram as sarahbetteley

If Tweeting is more your thing, my Twitter is a mixture of politics and live tweeting whatever I happen to be watching on the TV. Fascinating stuff I am sure you will agree. You can follow me at @sjbetteley

I hope you will enjoy following our adventures, such as they are.


Come on Baby Bear, let’s go exploring.